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Solid Flywheel Replacements for Audi & VW from Valeo

This replaces the original Expensive Dual Mass Flywheel

This is a direct bolt up replacement


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You Searched for: Audi->A4, A4 Quattro->1997-05, VW Passat 2003

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Audi A4
Valeo Clutch Kit
Part No: 52285615
Solid Flywheel & Clutch Kit Replaces Original
part image

Kit includes a new solid flywheel w/mounting hardware & a new clutch kit

Fits Audi A4, A4 Quattro 1997-08 with a 1.8L. Also Fits VW Passat 1.8L, 2003

Displacement: 1.8L
Disc Size
Outside Diameter: 9
Spline: 15/16
Teeth: 23


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