ford clutch, ford clutch parts, ford clutches,ford clutch kits

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 ford clutch, ford clutch parts, ford clutches,ford clutch kits

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ford clutch, ford clutch parts, ford clutches,ford clutch kits

If you're looking to purchase an Original Quality or LuK Pro Gold Performance Ford clutch and accessories at true wholesale prices, you've come to the right place. Automotive repair facilities pay around the same price that we charge consumers and then they double or triple it.

Don't be fooled by other companies trying to sell their FORD Clutch as OriginalQuality. These other companies claim that the only difference is the box, but you know better.

What could be worse then buying an FORD Clutch in a distributors box and finding out that the clutch doesn't fit. You call the distributor where you purchased the FORD Clutch and your told to sand down the input shaft and the disc should fit. We've heard these stories from customers before. Be aware! There are companies bringing in discs that are made off shore that look the same, but you'll find out the hard way that there not the same and in many cases don't even work. markets Original Quality and LuK Pro Gold Performance Ford clutch. Ford is one of LuK's biggest customers. Shouldn't you use the same clutch as Ford!
Our Ford clutch kits are Original Quality name brand Ford clutch parts. You know exactly what you're getting. Please don't confuse us with other companies that package their own clutches and claim that their kits contain the same original components. You know better !
 FYI - Ford dealers primarily sell rebuilt clutches. Our Ford clutch is the same new clutch that Ford puts in
 their vehicles on the assembly line. Our Ford Clutch is in an Original Quality or LuK Pro Gold box.. Search for a
Ford Clutch and get free technical support.
Be sure to check out LuK Pro Gold Clutches for Ford . LuK Pro Gold Clutches appear on the same search results page as our original quality clutches and accessories.
A LuK Pro Gold Ford Clutch has increased torque capacity and clamp load beyond a stock clutch. These are new
clutches built from the ground up as a performance grade clutch. We sell Pro Gold Ford Clutch Kits for a lot less
than your mechanic will charge you for a stock Ford clutch replacement, that might not even be original LuK.
You can select an Original Quality Ford clutch or a LuK Pro Gold Ford Clutch . We offer Ford clutch slave cylinders
and Ford clutch master cylinders. If you need Ford clutch tools, we can help you.

ford clutch, ford clutch parts, ford clutches,ford clutch kits


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I have a 1997 Ford F-150, 75000 miles. I've changed oil every 3000 miles and have had one tune up about 6 months ago. I've had my transmission fluid changed at about 36000 miles. This morning when I went to go to work, It was very hard to get the truck into gear (it's a standard). It took some time but finally I got it into reverse, and then into first. When I was driving, there wasn't a problem with it. I also noticed that my clutch is now very loose, I have to push it almost all the way in before it engages. That just started today. I get no resistance when I push in my clutch until it's almost all the way pushed in. Please help!!
You have what is known at a wet clutch, which means it operates by fluid rather then by a cable. The resevoir for this fluid is right next to the brake master cylinder resevoir and you need to check to see if there is fluid in the bowl. If it is really low then add some and pump the pedal a few times. If this help give you more pedal then you have a leak in either the clutch master cylinder or the clutch slave cylinder.

New Heavy Duty Cerametallic Ford Clutch

LuK responded to the demand for higher torque capacity and clamp loads required by Ford Diesel Truck owners with truck enhancements in terms of increased horsepower and clamp load. Please don't confuse this with the much higher priced stock modified Ford clutch currently on the market making outrageous torque claims. These companies are clutch remanufacturers (clutch rebuilders).
Go to to read the truth about these stock modifed clutches and the companies that are marketing them. There's no comparison between a stock modified Ford clutch and a new LuK Ford clutch built from the ground up as a H/D clutch. The best part is that the new LuK H/D Diesel Ford clutch cost less than a stock modified Ford clutch and should last a lot longer. Cerametallic Ford Clutch for 7.3L Diesels.