ISUZU  clutch, ISUZU  clutch parts, ISUZU   clutches, ISUZU  clutch kits

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ISUZU  clutch, ISUZU  clutch parts, ISUZU   clutches, ISUZU  clutch kits

If you're looking to purchase an original ISUZU clutch at true wholesale prices, you've come to the right place. Automotive repair facilities pay around the same price that we charge consumers and then they double or triple it.

Don't be fooled by other companies trying to sell their ISUZU Clutch as original. These other companies claim that the only difference is the box, but you know better.

What could be worse then buying an ISUZU Clutch in a distributors box and finding out that the clutch doesn't fit. You call the distributor where you purchased the ISUZU Clutch and your told to sand down the input shaft and the disc should fit. We've heard these stories from customers before. Be aware! There are companies bringing in discs that are made off shore that look the same, but you'll find out the hard way that there not and in many cases don't even work. markets the original ISUZU clutch. Daikin supplies the ISUZU clutch to ISUZU . Shouldn't you use the same clutch as ISUZU !
 FYI - ISUZU dealers sell ISUZU clutches in an ISUZU box. Our ISUZU clutch is the same clutch that ISUZU sells, but our ISUZU clutch is in a Daikin box..Search for an ISUZU  CLUTCH and get free technical support.

ISUZU  clutch, ISUZU  clutch parts, ISUZU   clutches, ISUZU  clutch kits


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