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If you're looking to purchase LuK original JEEP clutches and accessories at true wholesale prices, you've come to the right place. Automotive repair facilities pay around the same price that we charge consumers and then they double or triple it. markets the original JEEP clutch. JEEP is one of LuK's biggest customers. Shouldn't you use the same clutch as JEEP!
 FYI - JEEP dealers sell LuK clutches in a JEEP box. Our JEEP clutch is the same clutch that JEEP sells, but our JEEP clutch is in a LuK box.. Be sure to check out a LuK Pro Gold JEEP Clutch . LuK Pro Gold Jeep Clutch Kits appear on the same search results page as our original quality clutches and accessories.
LuK Pro Gold Clutches have increased torque capacity and clamp load beyond a stock clutch. These are new
clutches built from the ground up as a performance grade clutch.

 Click here to search for your Jeep Clutch Kit is your best source to purchase original JEEP Clutches made by LuK Automotive .

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