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Volkswagen Jetta Clutch & Solid Flywheel.


2003-2007 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8L

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Valeo is the largest OE supplier of clutches in the world and has been manufacturing clutches for 80 years. It all started in the 1920's in Saint-Ouen, France with the making of clutch facings. A few short years later, established workshops started producing complete clutches. Today, this rich history of clutch making expertise has grown to a full range of offerings of clutch and flywheel related products for manual transmission vehicles. Valeo is an independent global industrial group fully focused on the design, production and sale of components, integrated systems and modules for cars and trucks, in both the OEM and aftermarket segments

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TIBURON clutch,  TIBURON clutch parts,  TIBURON clutches,  TIBURON clutch kits

  If you're looking to purchase an original Volkswagen Jetta clutch and accessories at true wholesale prices, you've come to the right place. Automotive repair facilities pay around the same price that we charge consumers and then they double or triple it. markets the original Jetta clutch. Volkswagen purchases clutches from Valeo and LuK. Shouldn't you use the same clutch as Volkswagen!
   FYI - Volkswagen dealers sell LuK or Valeo clutches in a Volkswagen box. Our Jetta clutch is the same clutch that Volkswagen sells, but our Jetta clutch is in a LuK or Valeo box..
  Our Volkswagen Jetta clutch kits are original quality and contain name brand clutch parts !
  You can select from an original Volkswagen Jetta clutch or a new Volkswagen Jetta Clutch and Jetta Solid Flywheel from Valeo . We offer Volkswagen Jetta clutch slave cylinders and Volkswagen Jetta clutch master cylinders. If you need Volkswagen Jetta clutch tools, we can help you.

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My Jetta was shuddering so I took it in for service at a Volkswagen dealership. They told me that I would have to schedule an appointment to bring. I took the vehicle in and they found out the Jetta dual mass flywheel was coming apart and that an ear on the transmission cracked. They told me that the Jetta clutch was very worn down, but that there is no sign of abuse(i.e. no hot spots, grooves or anything to show abuse). I currently have about 11,000 miles on the vehicle, but this shuddering started with maybe 400 miles and simply got worse and worse. I contacted VW Customer Service and spoke with Sarah who was very polite and helpful. She is going to find out why the ear on the transmission and Jetta Dual Mass Flywheel were warrantied, but not the Jetta clutch. She is going to call me tomorrow. I have never had a clutch last less than 80,000 miles and this is getting hard to swallow. I'm hoping that VW will warranty the Jetta clutch and get me up and running again. I spoke with another dealer who said that they have seen this issue and always replace the original Jetta Dual Mass Flywheel and clutch with a Jetta Clutch and Jetta Solid flywheel made by Valeo. So far this dealership has been helpful and has worked around my schedule. I called the dealer that was going to install my new Jetta Clutch and Jetta dual mass flywheel and told them what I've found out. The service manager said that they have used the new Jetta Clutch and Solid Flywheel made by Valeo before and it's a great product (stronger than the original Jetta Clutch and Jetta Dual Mass Flywheel) but VW won't pay for the Jetta Solid Flywheel. The price was a lot less than the original so I told him to do it. I'm happy to say that 60,000 miles later, no problems at all.

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   Buried deep in your engine compartment is a simple piece of equipment that makes it all happen: Your VW Jetta clutch. Without a VW Jetta clutch, your engine would simply spin, and never drive the gears in the transmission. Conversely, without a Jetta clutch that you could disengage, your engine would drive the wheels all the time--which would be a bit of a problem when you powered up to a red light. So a properly functioning Jetta clutch is the key to being able to drive your stick-shift Volkswagen. Knowing how to use that VW Jetta clutch is key too, but that part's out of our hands. What is in our hands is a premium-quality, brand new VW Jetta clutch. See, by nature, the VW clutch wears out eventually. A VW clutch, like your VW brakes, is a friction component that wears down as you use it. Sometimes a Jetta clutch will last years, other times months. But when your Jetta clutch has called it quits, order your new Jetta clutch kit right here. You'll get a great Jetta clutch and a great price, every time. Whether you need a VW clutch for a Beetle or a 2004 Jetta clutch, we have your VW Jetta clutch in stock and ready to go.