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LuK RepSet® PRO GOLD SERIESPro Gold Clutches - New Applications for Cars and Trucks

A line of premium-quality clutch sets for cars, light trucks, vans and sport utilities. Ideal for commercial and heavy-duty vehicle use, as well as vehicles with engine modifications, suspension, tire and gearing modifications. Designed and manufactured to specifications beyond original equipment. Increased torque capacity and clamp load without sacrificing service life.

LuK engineers used a "clean sheet" design process to maximize clutch performance under heavy-duty use.  They established new specifications and built PRO GOLD to meet them.  LuK PRO GOLD clutches are engineered and manufactured. Not stock clutches that have been modified* . That's what sets PRO GOLD apart.  The only product of it¹s kind, the difference is clear when you compare
clutch curves.

"The Truth About Performance Clutches" . *

Compare the Performance

A diaphragm spring clutch is designed for a specific initial clamp load that exceeds the requirements for the vehicles' intended use.

As the clutch wears, clamp load increases gradually, peaks in mid-life and decreases to its original level. Modified clutches are limited by the original product design, never intended for high performance.  Modifications can only move the initial operating point on the clutch curve. The result is higher initial clamp load, but significantly shorter service life..

LuK RepSet PRO GOLD SERIES clutches generate unique operating curves for
increased clamp load; and, therefore, service life is not sacrificed.

Pro Gold ClutchIncreased performance and longevity also are achieved through the design and strength of the disc and two of its most critical component parts: the coil springs and the hub-flange.

Smooth, comfortable engagement is guaranteed with the highest quality, premium organic friction material. Modified products often contain a cerametallic button disc. This material has an excessively high coefficient of friction, which causes unnecessarily harsh engagement and increases wear on the clutch and flywheel friction surfaces.

When the application calls for a heavy-duty, high-performance product, install the premium quality and lasting performance of LuK RepSet PRO GOLD SERIES. Coverage is currently available for cars, light trucks, vans and sport utilities for Chevrolet/GMC, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Isuzu, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda and Toyota. Each set contains clutch, disc, release bearing, pilot bearing/bushing, spline tool and lubricant. Use the search box below to see if there's a LuK Pro Gold clutch avaiable for your vehicle.

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